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Domain Industry Magnates Back SharedReviews

Syndicated user-generated content will power the next generation of domain parking platforms.

SharedReviews.comToronto, ON (PRWEB) SharedReviews announced today the closing of a first round investment. The funding round was done by Frank Schilling and Monster Venture Partners. Also participating in the current round of financing is Internet Real Estate Group, a leading developer of premium Internet domain names.

Rob Monster, Managing Director of Monster Venture Partners said, “The boundary between producers and consumers of digital content is blurring as user-generated content is playing an ever increasing role in influencing attitudes and behaviors of online consumers. SharedReviews fills an important gap in the market in terms of providing “wisdom of the crowd” oversight of user-generated content, compensating reviewers who deliver high quality content, and distributing the content over large networks of underutilized Internet real estate.”

Frank Schilling, founder of Name Administration, is known to many as the world’s most successful domain portfolio manager with a portfolio of hundreds of thousands of high quality generic internet domains. Frank is also viewed as an authority on domain industry trends and is a frequent speaker on topics related to domain monetization.

“My investment in SharedReviews is first and foremost a bet on people. Peter Ejtel (CEO) and Frank Michlick (COO) are two gentlemen whom I have known for years and whom I respect greatly. I also believe in the vision of syndicating high quality content onto under-developed domains as a step forward on the path to full domain development for domain properties that receive significant traffic and are good candidates for indexing by search engines due to the presence of truly novel and useful content.” added Frank Schilling

Internet Real Estate Group, rounded out the financing and also brings a network of Internet domains as well as deep knowledge of the Internet domain landscape.

“Building a strong Internet brand has a lot to do with helping users find relevant and compelling content related to their area of interest. Quality content generated by users is a very important piece of that puzzle,” said Mike “Zappy” Zapolin CEO of Internet Real Estate Group.

“Internet Real Estate Group controls a number of Web 2.0 properties where the integration of user generated content is a design requirement. For example, is built on a proprietary online storefront engine which is extendable to a range of popular online shopping categories. At the same time, we know that chocolate is a popular review category on SharedReviews. It did not take us long to make the connection between how the companies would be able to leverage each other“ added Andrew Miller, President of Internet Real Estate Group.

SharedReviews is currently in a limited public beta test of its flagship portal, The company’s full launch of SharedReviews is set for early December, just in time for the year-end holiday shopping season.

“With SharedReviews providing a safe social environment for members to maintain detailed demographic profiles and a community with which to share consumer experiences, it has been an ongoing focus for us to leverage non-traditional monetization verticals to define the true value of this high quality consumer feedback. We are delighted to have assembled an investor group with expertise to help tap this lucrative search vertical and better reward our users’ contributions,” said Peter Ejtel, CEO of SharedReviews.

About SharedReviews

SharedReviews was founded to enable consumers to monetize high quality user-generated content. With established third party distribution partners looking to increase value within their advertising networks, SharedReviews bridges the gap between market demand and content creators in an open and honest transparency. For more information, visit us on the web at

About Frank Schilling and Name Administration

One of the most respected domain investors in the industry and founder of Name Administration. He is known to many as the world’s most successful domain portfolio manager with one of the largest, and most successful domain portfolios in the industry. Frank is also viewed as an authority on domain industry trends and is a frequent speaker on topics related to domain monetization.

About Internet Real Estate Group

Internet Real Estate Group, LLC,, a leader in the acquisition and development of category generic domain names and online brands, owns a portfolio of businesses including,,,,,, and, comprising a media network of businesses and communities representing some of the most important online categories.

About Monster Venture Partners, LLC

Monster Venture Partners is a new breed of early-stage venture capital firm based in Seattle. Our investment philosophy is to engage in a genuine hands-on partnership with founders to jointly create value for all stakeholders. For larger opportunities, we co-invest with leading investors from around the world, selecting from a universe of like-minded investors who are able to add strategic value. We are focused on three primary verticals: (1) marketing technology, (2) consumer healthcare, and (3) global consumer internet.

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